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Listening to an enchanting aria at an opera or watching incredible Broadway performers sing and dance are two wonderful ways to appreciate music. Singing along with a favorite song on the radio is also a fun and relaxing way to enjoy music. When you sing out loud, your cares and worries seem to melt away, even if only for a moment. Music is good for both the heart and the soul. It can help you lose weight by motivating you to get up and dance. It can relax a pregnant woman while she gives birth. Music is everywhere. It can be found in nature by listening to a songbird sing or a wolf howl. It can come from a child banging on a toy drum or tapping on a keyboard. It can be heard when wind chimes blow in the breeze and produce a mesmerizing melody. And making music can be just as thrilling as listening to it.

Learning new things is good for everyone. It helps to strengthen and broaden our minds. You are never too old to learn an instrument or to improve your singing voice. The World Wide Web is filled with sites that can help you to learn whatever aspect of music you want to. There are sites that will teach you how to play a certain instrument or teach you about rhythm, tempo and notes. Learning can be fun, too! There are many music game sites that can teach you things about music while you have fun and challenge your mind. If you already know how to play a certain instrument or how to sing, there are websites that will help you to improve your skills. Of course, you may just want to appreciate music by listening to it rather than creating it yourself.

If you want to listen to beautiful music locally, attend a high school choir or band concert. The teens love to be appreciated for their hard work. Your community may have a theater group filled with gifted local artists who perform musicals. Often, the actors in these groups give professional-level performances that are well worth your time. Colleges and universities typically have theater and music departments that put on amazing concerts and performances as well. Touring musicians can also be found giving performances at colleges and universities. At times, you may even find concerts in local parks for free. If you are willing to travel you can always find incredible performances on Broadway or at an opera house.

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